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14 lakh new dwelling units envisaged in five different zones under Delhi Masterplan 2021. Private sector would be involved in the development of high rise housing projects.

Kanjhawala, Bawana, Karala, Rani Khera, pooth Kurd
Super tall buildings planned in these areas, with facilities like heliport nearby. There are no height restrictions and affordable housing has been planned for this zone.
Najafgarh, Shyam Enclave, Nangli Dairy
located in southwest Delhi, high-end and mid-level housing projects have been planned. Plans to develop farmhouses and country houses.
Narela, Libaspur, Sarup Nagar, Sant Nagar, Burari, Alipur
High rises proposed to come up in this area. An expressway would to connect the area to centre parts of Delhi.
Dawarka, Qutab Vihar, Chhawla, Kakraula, Matiyala
Area has already seen much development and has also many unauthorised colonies at present. Not expected to provide much land for development.
Mehrauli, Chhatarpur, Janapur, Aya Nagar
High end housing planned for this area. Existing farmhouses would be allowed to be converted into multi dwelling units.
HIGH RISES wouldn’t be allowed in Lutyens Bungalow zone, Civil Lines bungalow area and areas near monuments regulated by the Archaeological Survey of India. And areas near the range of airport like K and L ZONE of MPD 2021 are restricted for high-end heights.
PROPERTY owners in areas like GK, Vasant Vihar, Sanik Farms, Lajpat Nagar , Panjabi Bagh , pooth Kurd and Kanjhawala can convert existing properties into four storey buildings, provided the plot is 3000sq m.


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The NCTD has been divided in 15 Zones (Divisions) designated ‘A’ to ‘P’ (except Zone I) in MPD 2021. The Zonal Plans of eleven zones for the prespective year 2001 have been approved and notified whereas the Zonal Plans for the zones ‘N(North West Delhi III)’, ‘K’(part) between Dwarka and Rohini, ‘J’(South Delhi II), L (West Delhi III), O (River Yamuna) and ‘P-II’ (North Delhi) are at various stages of preparation and process. The boundaries of the zones ‘O’, ‘P’ and ‘N’ as given in the MPD-2001 have been modified and accordingly the areas have been computed approximately as given in the table below:




Name of Zone Area


Area in Ha.


A Old City 1159
B City Extn. (Karol Bagh) 2304
C Civil Line 3959
D New Delhi 6855
E Trans Yamuna 8797
F South Delhi-I 11958
G West Delhi-I 11865
H North West Delhi-I 5677
J South Delhi-II 15178
K-I West Delhi-II 5782
K-II Dwarka 6408
L West Delhi-III 22840
M North West Delhi-II 5073
N North West Delhi-III 13975
*O River Yamuna/River Front 8070
P-I Narela 9866
P-II North Delhi 8534

Mapping of the NCT Delhi would be done using remote sensing and GIS Tool and will also be updated time to time to have valuabe data as regardsground situations and also to have inputs to detect and prevent unauthorised development and encroachment on public land and to facilitates the protection of greens. The zonal plans shall details out the policies of Master Plan 2021 and act as link between the layout plan and master plan. The development schemes and layout plans indicating various use premises shall conform to Master Plan/Zonal Plans. The Zonal Plans of the area shall be prepared under section 8 and processed under section 10 and simultaneously the modification of land uses shall be processed under section 11(A) of Delhi Development Act 1957. Already approved Sub-Zonal (earlier Zonal) plans in conformity with the Master Plan shall continue for the areas where the zonal plans have not been approved. The zonal plans in the form of structure plans shall be prepared within 12 months of approval of MPD-2021.

In absence of zonal plans of any area, the development shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Master Plan. No urban activity shall be permitted in the proposed Urban Extension without change of land use/Modification to the Master Plan as per Delhi Development Act, 1957.

Delhimasterplan 2021 provides investment oppurtunity in various zones under MPD 2021. We have provided 50+ acre land space in approximately each zonal plan under MPD-2021.

Mainly in these area’s:
  • N Zone   (Kanjhawala)
  • J Zone.   (Najafgarh)
  • PI Zone.  (Narela)
  • PII Zone  (Alipur)
  • KII Zone  (Bijwasan)


Name of Villages in which R zone land available under MPD-2021.

N-Zone: Ranikhera, Karala, PuthKhurd, Bawana, Sultanpur, Chandpur, Kanjhawala, Sawda, Ladpur, Salahpur Majra, Nangal Thakran, Bazitpur, Dariyapur.

L-Zone: Hirankudna, Bakarwara, Dichaon Kalan, Najafgarh, Ranholla, Babrolla, Tajpur Khurd, Chawla, Khampur, Daultpur, Lakhanpur, Dariyapur, Malikpura, Samaspur Khalsa, Skhuahera, Jhull- Jolly, Saranpur, Ujwa, Jafarpur.

P-I,P-II Zone: Sahor, Bakner, Narela, Bakhtawarpur, Akbharpur Majra, Ramjanpur, Alipur, Hinkari, Jhindpur, Naglipuna.

K-II Zone: Dhalshirus, Bajholi, Bhartal, Bijwasan, Kochanpur.

Mpd-2021 highlight

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Delhi to be planned as an integral part of its region Ecological balance to be maintained.

The central city area to be treated as a special Area?.
Urban heritage of Delhi to be conserved.
The city center to be decentralized.
The urban development to be low rise-high density.
Urban development to be hierarchical.


Wider variety of housing types.
Development of new urban integration projects such as Rohini, Dwarka and Narela.
Shelter facilities to over 10.0 lakh families.
About 2.8 lakh squatters families provided accommodation.
21 districts centers planned.
About 2600 hectare industrial area developed.
MRTS network planned to bring much needed connectivity.
About 5000 ha area under greens developed at various levels. Land fill sites converted into large greens such as Indraprastha Park.
14 sports centers developed for variety of sports activities.

Your ultimate guide for buying & selling Property in Delhi.

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Delhi, the focus of the socio-economic and political life of India, a symbol of ancient values and aspirations and capital of the largest democracy,is assuming increasing eminence among the great cities of the world.
Growing at an unprecedented pace, the city needs to be able to integrate its elegant past as well as the modern developments into an organic whole, which demands a purposeful transformation of the socio economic, natural and built environment. A prime mover and nerve centre of ideas and actions, the seat of national governance and a centre of business, culture,education and sports, Delhi, however, stands at the crossroads today. The choice is between either taking a road to indiscriminate uncontrolled development and slide towards chaos or a movement towards making Delhi a world- class city, if handled with vision and care.

The Vision-2021 is to make Delhi a global metropolis and a world-class city, where all the people are engaged in productive work with a decent standard of living and quality of life in a sustainable environment.
This will need, appropriate planning and action to meet the challenge of population growth and migration into Delhi and even measures to restrict it to the extent possible; provision of adequate housing, particularly for the weaker sections of the society addressing the problems of small enterprises, particularly in the unorganized informal sector dealing with the issue of slums, both as an issue pertaining to the cityscape and of shelter up-gradation of old and dilapidated areas of the city provision of adequate infrastructure services conservation of the environment preservation of Delhi’s heritage and blending it with the new and complex modern patterns of development; and doing all this within a framework of sustainable development, public-private and community participation and a spirit of ownership and belonging among its citizens. This site provide details about ongoing amendments in delhimasterplan Updates.